POM Westmount

The POM project includes front terraces and entrances renovation for the condominiums of this renowned building in Westmount. The latter was built in 1930 and was hosting the first mechanized bakery in Canada : the POM Bakery. With a south european mission style, the building is characterized by a white base, a light colored brick main volume and a roof overhang rhythmed by the exposed soffit structure. Following the transformation of the factory into condominiums in 1986, the building has its main entrance in the middle of the volume and a side entrance adjoining a driveway.

The renovation of the entrances proposes a sensible integration to the original characteristics of the 1930’s building. The new entrances merge with the white base of the building through its white painted steel canopies and its light colored granite steps. The assembly details of the steel structures is a contemporary interpretation of the 30’s steel manufacturing methods. This project is being completed in collaboration with the engineers from EGP Group.

2019 Design

Architecture : Studio MMA

  • POM Westmount

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